I am seriously obsessed with Cambodia! The people are SO incredibly nice and the culture is so fun! We went and explored the Angkor Wat temples which was incredibly beautiful! There’s so much amazing history and beauty here! Our tuk tuk drivers were so nice and helpful!


Sonyn – click HERE

We loved this place! They were seriously so helpful in arranging everything!

– Angkor Wat Temples: these are unreal beautiful!!! We decided to do it for sunrise, so we got a tuk tuk driver at 4:30am(our hotel arranged it for us!!) and we paid him like $20 for the whole day to take us around to the temples – it’s so cheap for transportation here!! I would suggest getting a driver for the whole day because it makes it way convenient. They’ll take you to the ticket office to get the temple tickets($37) and then to the temples – there are a bunch of them so you can pick and choose which ones you want to go to! Also make sure to wear something covering your shoulders or something you can put over your shoulders or else they won’t let you into the temples. Side note – the breakfast at Angkor Wat was unreal yummy!!!! So I would suggest getting it there before you head out to the other temples.

– KSEDO Orphanage : this was an experience I’ll never forget! We went and spent the afternoon at the KSEDO Orphanage and it was so much fun! They had dances and songs prepared to show us and then we played soccer with them the whole afternoon! A lot of them speak pretty good English so it was fun to be able to talk to them and get to hang out for the afternoon. They have such a light in their eyes and are so cute, loving, and stoked to have us there!

– Markets: there’s the old market that goes on during the day and then the night market that is obviously at night haha both are way fun and have similar things to buy. The night market is especially fun to just walk around in, get yummy food, and hang out.


We drove from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh on a minivan bus for $11/pp and it’s about 6 hours. I’m glad we drove because we got to see the countryside and it’s so beautiful!!!

La Belle Hotel – click HERE

We loved this place! There was a big group of us so it was nice and spacious which we loved!!

– Khmer Rouge Killing Fields: This was really eye opening and amazing to learn about!! I honestly didn’t know a ton about this genocide and it was SO CRAZY to listen and learn about everything that happened!!! So nuts!


Palms Hill Resort – click HERE

We loved it here, it’s a little bit off the beaten path and tucked away in the jungle which we loved! They also provide free transportation into the town and to get to the boats!

– James Bond Island: Our cute hotel owners drove us into town where we caught a long tail boat to go out to James Bond Island. Warning…it’s very touristy but very pretty nonetheless!

– Along the way there’s a floating village that we stopped at for a minute that is full of little shops and also has a floating soccer field!

*All photos by Autumn Shipp



Krabi Home Town Boutique: click HERE

This place was nice and clean but pretty far out of the way. I would recommend staying closer to Aunong Beach!

– We took a boat out to Railay Beach and spent the day out there which was beautiful! We explored around the jungle and found the prettiest little villas! You can get cheap boat tickets at the end of the beach – they’ll pick you up and drive you to the long tail boats that you’ll take out there.

– Aunong is beautiful to watch the sunset from. There’s a cute coffee shop called The Coffee Club that we LOVED and went there multiple times – definitely worth checking out!


*photos by Autumn Shipp



Charlie Beach Resort – click HERE

we also stayed at Apache for one of the nights but it was a no go!!! Charlie Beach Resort was really good location and right on the beach. There are a ton of little shacks, airbnbs, villas that are all really close to the beach and you can pick and choose depending on what price range you are wanting.

– Monkey Island: This place has the best snorkeling I’ve EVER experienced! I highly recommend going at sunset because it gets SO insanely crowded during the daytime. We hopped on a long tail boat and cruised out to watch the sunset on the water. He dropped us off to snorkel and it was so warm and so incredibly pretty! I’ll never get over that night! Sheer limestone cliffs with trees growing on the cliff side and just the clearest blue water I’ve ever seen.

– Viewpoint hike: This is super easy to find and all the locals know about it so you can ask any of them where the trail head is at and they’ll point you in the right direction. Definitely worth it but I would for sure go at sunrise! It gets SO bloody hot so quickly, so going before the sun is up is perfect AND the view up there at sunrise is amazing!

*all photos by Autumn Shipp


So about two years ago I decided to combine my love of teaching yoga and traveling and started a fitness + yoga retreat company called Revitalize Retreats! It has been nothing but fun adventuring and I am absolutely in love with every second of my “job” if you can even call it that! The incredible people that I get to meet and travel with on these retreats has changed my life! I love connecting with like minded people across the world and coming together!

We have a bunch of amazing upcoming retreats in Utah, Hawaii, and more!! You can visit the website HERE and/or click the “yoga retreat” tab at the top of this page!

This retreat was in February in beautiful Costa Rica and it was honestly so incredible in every way! Such a fun group of people, the best accommodations, fitness, yoga, beach, good food, and fun adventures!! What more could you ask for!

Rayos Del Sol which was the most incredible resort ever!!! 10/10 would recommend and the owners are absolutely incredible! We became really good friends with them and still stay in touch! And not to mention that their chef is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

click HERE to grab all the deets to book with them for your next vacation!!

The retreats that we run are ALL INCLUSIVE!! So when you sign up, everything is included and you don’t have to worry about a single thing!! Everything from accommodations, to every meal, activities, etc. We want you to be worry free and not have to stress about anything once you’re there, so you can just come and relax, workout, and have fun! This is everything that it entails:

– Exclusive home accommodations for 6 nights/7 days – home includes swimming pool, beachfront views, patio!

– Gourmet healthy catered meals: breakfast + lunch + dinner

– Daily yoga classes by me, Kait VanHoff

– Daily circuit training by Lindsay Riding

– Meditations

– Zip lining

– Fuel Happiness discussion/seminar

– Sunset cruise to swim with sea turtles + dolphins

– Sun soaked pool

– Morning gratitude workshop

– Good times, good vibes, good company:)

*depending on location, the activities vary*

Feel free to shoot me an email under the “contact” tab with any questions or if you want to sign up for an upcoming retreat!!

*all photos by Autumn Shipp


Photos by Autumn Shipp