Aruba is the type of island that you go and straight chiilllllll haha It’s so beautiful and so relaxing! We stayed in the Palm Beach area and it was perfect! The island isn’t huge though, so you can cruise around the whole place.

We stayed at the Palm Oasis – you can find it HERE

We had 10 people all together so it worked out perfect for us!!

– We hit up the beach honestly EVERY day!! Heaven? I think yes!! We loved connecting with Hilton Aruba and staying at their beach – they have the best little cabanas and very calm water.

– There’s a fun karaoke shack that’s right off the side of the Hilton that’s out on the water and that was such a blast at night! Make sure to definitely hit that up and sing your little heart out!

– Renting ATV’s for a day is a must! The island is a desert, so there’s a bunch of cacti and then beautiful rocky beaches along the coast that you can four wheel right next to. We looped around a big part of the island – we started at Palm Beach and then cruised up and over to Baby Beach and back. We stopped at these natural caves that you take a ladder down into and can jump in! The locals will know exactly what you’re talking about if you bring it up.

– Swimming out to Flamingo Island – if you want to take a boat out to it it’s like $100 but you can honestly swim to it in like 10 minutes. We just put snorkel stuff on and cruised on out. Just make sure to look for boats while you’re swimming and you’re good to go. It’s a beautiful beach and fun to spend the day on!

suit by Rad Swim

top from lululemon

suit from Maaji

suit from Nani Swimwear

suit from Albion Fit

If you’re looking for a very relaxing week then this is your place! Since it’s a desert island, it’s not like your typical tropical/jungly island vibe, so you’re not going to get waterfalls and jungle hikes just FYI. Nonetheless though, so fun and beautiful and nice to just chill for a week!

*photos by Autty Shipp


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