Charlie Beach Resort – click HERE

we also stayed at Apache for one of the nights but it was a no go!!! Charlie Beach Resort was really good location and right on the beach. There are a ton of little shacks, airbnbs, villas that are all really close to the beach and you can pick and choose depending on what price range you are wanting.

– Monkey Island: This place has the best snorkeling I’ve EVER experienced! I highly recommend going at sunset because it gets SO insanely crowded during the daytime. We hopped on a long tail boat and cruised out to watch the sunset on the water. He dropped us off to snorkel and it was so warm and so incredibly pretty! I’ll never get over that night! Sheer limestone cliffs with trees growing on the cliff side and just the clearest blue water I’ve ever seen.

– Viewpoint hike: This is super easy to find and all the locals know about it so you can ask any of them where the trail head is at and they’ll point you in the right direction. Definitely worth it but I would for sure go at sunrise! It gets SO bloody hot so quickly, so going before the sun is up is perfect AND the view up there at sunrise is amazing!


*all photos by Autumn Shipp


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