THIS PLACE COMPLETELY BLEW MY MIIIIND!!!!! Seriously top of my list and I can’t say enough good things about it!! It’s so insanely beautiful and just out of this world! 1000/10 would recommend!


Airbnb – click HERE

We loved this place – it was in a really good location and the owners were so helpful. We couldn’t find it at first and they came out onto the street to meet us and then had a full on map for us that showed everything that was around(the best pho, the best coffee, things to see/places to go, etc.)

– Can Tho: This is about a 2 hour bus ride from Ho Chi Minh city – we went out here and got to canoe through the Mekong river, have local tea and treats, listen to folklore, and explore around. It was really pretty and a fun little day trip!

– Vietnam War Museum: this will only take you about 1-2 hours! It’s really eye opening and amazing to learn about everything that happened. They have some incredible artifacts and pictures that just blew my mind!

my babes!!!!!


Hanoi Old Town Hotel – click HERE

The staff was INCREDIBLE here!! So nice and inviting and just so helpful with everything!

– Ha Long Bay!!!! NUMBER 1 favorite thing in Vietnam! We went through Vietnam OpenTour Co. which we booked through our hotel and it was nothing short of amazing!! The staff spoke really good English which was nice since we don’t speak a lick of Vietnamese! They picked us up right from our hotel(it’s a four hour drive to the dock) – we did the 1 night, 2 day cruise boat tour! It was nice because it included EVERYTHING! All transportation to and from the boat, every meal, activities, etc.

We went out on the big cruise ship for a few hours and then stopped to get out and hike to this beautiful overlook! Afterwards we kept going for a little while longer and then got off to go swimming and kayaking which was the highlight of the trip for me! There were layers and layers of lush green islands everywhere that went on as far as the eye can see. We were the only ones out kayaking on the crystal still water and the only noise to be heard was the wildlife surrounding us from every side and the soft break of the water when the paddle dipped in. It was one of those moments that you sit there in awe and amazement because you have no words to speak and you’re still trying to figure out if it’s real life or not. I will never get over that experience! Unreal is an understatement.

– Once we were back in Hanoi city we rented scooters which was so much fun! Not sure how we made it out alive on these scooters because Vietnam traffic is WILD!! They use horns as a courtesy haha so I’m sure you can imagine it’s a mad house 24/7! After winding in and out through the city streets we found ourselves out in the most beautiful lush green fields. People were hard at work on their crops and living the most simple life in their cute little homes. We met the sweetest man and his wife on this tiny dirt road and their love and connection toward us was something I’ll never forget!

– The night market in Hanoi is crazy wild and SO many little shops to explore!!

– Nightlife here is so much fun!! We hit up two different places, the first was Vietnam backpackers hostel and then the 1900 club which was so much fun!!! They go crazy hard at dancing and it’s hilarious, but so much fun!!!

– Also don’t forget to get a traditional Vietnamese sandwich, we went to Ba Minh 25 and LOVED it!!!

*Photos by Autumn Shipp


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