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Let's move together!

Whether you're looking to go on a retreat across the world, or workout in the comfort of your own home - you can do that here!

It's time you finally did that thing you've always wanted to do.

I curated a unique retreat experience that is more than just a yoga retreat! I'm here to bring connection, self-love, and wellness into your life by combining my love for the outdoors with adventure, travel, meditation and yoga all in one.

I create a space and environment for you to get out of your comfort zone and to connect with yourself, others, and nature. I'm here to create experiences that will help you step into your power and a more authentic you.

These retreats are the perfect getaway to reset and rejuvenate, to tap into your intuition, dig deep, and change your life!

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Wanting to workout in the comfort of your own home or at the gym?  This option is for you!


Wanting to go on a wellness retreat across the world with like minded people? This option is for you!


Looking for a one time training? This option is for you!

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Sign up for this once in a lifetime retreat that brings together like minded people from all over the world.

Full access to an online platform of yoga flows, workouts and meditations. You can access this anywhere/anytime.

Download this morning routine to reset your day and start you out on the right foot.

- jon E.

"I've been taking Kait's classes for the last 3 years and I can't get enough of them! They are so challenging yet fun. She pushes you with every exercise she's built - and yes you get your butt kicked. You always feel a big sense of accomplishment at the end of her class. Kait has amazing energy and I promise you that you'll be sweaty, sore, and itching to do another of her workouts again because you will notice yourself getting stronger every time!"

Also they are some of the hardest, in the BEST way! The classes are thoughtfully crafted and she is clear and concise in her instructions and you can be sure that she will maximize your time during class. No time is wasted in pushing you to your limits, which I love. You can ensure that any class you take with Kait will leave you feeling exhausted, sweaty, accomplished, and stronger; all at the same time. Kait is a true gem of an instructor. Take one class from her and at 5 minutes in, you will know what I mean!"

Kait's classes are by far the best workouts I have ever had!

- Dan M.

I can practically feel the stress and anxiety melting away each time I step on my mat. Kait's flows are totally fresh and original, and her playlists put me in the best mood. Kait always brings her A-game and her classes are really strong, but she is always mindful of each student's needs during practice too."

"I have absolutely loved going to Kait's yoga classes for the past year because they have felt completely transformative.

- Katrina F.

She is encouraging, kind, and pushes you to be the best you can be. Before I started taking her classes I had little to no motivation to workout and now I look forward to taking her workouts every week. Kait is the most amazing teacher ever."

"Finding Kait's classes has changed everything.

- Devon S.


" I have been training with Kait consistently for over a year now - her classes are the perfect combination of intense work and finding yourself again through movement.

From training session to yoga, I constantly feel accomplished after working out with Kait. She brings insight from her experiences in athletics, wellness, and mindfulness. Each class is filled with a plan to make you push yourself as hard as you want to go and Kait always makes sure to meet you wherever you might be that day. I highly recommend training with Kait in whatever capacity you can! She is not only a knowledgable instructor but also your #1 supporter in your journey with movement.

- Addi M.


Want to move together?

Whether you're looking to sign up for a retreat and travel across the world, or workout in the comfort of your living room - you can do that here!!



- Brianna G.

"I can't express enough how amazing this trip was! Not only did I feel refreshed and motivated after a week of workouts and yoga, I felt inspired by Kait and all of the amazing women I met on the retreat! We stayed at a beautiful, clean home, had an amazing chef who cooked us delicious and nutritious meals, and there was a perfect balance between planned and unplanned activities that gave the trip structure but also allowed you to explore or rest on your own! I highly recommend this trip to every single one of my friends and if you're even considering it, just book it! You won't regret it!



How you start your day sets the tone for the rest of your day. I'm a huge believer in that and want to share my morning routine with you! Here you'll find a 30 minute yoga flow led by me, a 5 minute guided meditation, journal prompts, and my favorite smoothie recipe! Enjoy:)